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Distractions have proved manifold on the way into July. Yep, another monthly update, as I mark the time out of some need to calibrate my existence.

Still watching the World Cup. Still. Only two games left. Wimbledon also been a major distraction, with the travails of Andy Murray occupying my hours. Sport providing excitement, a vicarious thrill, but ultimately gorging on my time like the slavering beast of procrastination it is.

This is not to say that I haven’t been writing – up to 19,160 words on ‘The Lempkin Variation’ – and I’m still unsure about its merit as a piece of writing. Sure, some of it I’m happy with, but it’s not really a profound piece of literature. Despite devouring Saul Bellow, Joseph Heller, Philip Roth, Bernard Malamud etc… as a youth, I seem to get more of a kick out of writing about demonic possession, chess playing ghosts and murder. There’s plenty of time for profundity.

Current reading includes Black Static 17, with John Shirley’s ‘Faces in Walls’ being a standout story. Also just finished Interzone 228. Novel in progress at the moment is ‘The Rapture’ by Liz Jensen – which I am thoroughly enjoying.