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See you on the other side.

For a long time now I’ve been wanting to re-title this blog. I first started a website and then this wordpress blog five years ago, and I had no clue about what might look or sound good. Not that I’m claiming that I have any more of a clue now, perhaps I’m just as deluded, only now I’m comfortable in my delusion.

The “Writer of Dark Fiction” title began to strike me as pompous as long as three years ago, but I never had any idea what to do about it. I’ve always wanted some sort of title to sum up the blog, or rather sum up where my writing inspiration comes from. I would say dreams and nightmares have long been the fuel for my creativity. Many of my stories have been inspired by dreams I’ve had. In some cases (Unpicking the Stitches) I’ve lifted entire images from a dream and riffed a complete story around them.

So, I’ve gone with DREAMWEAVING. Yes I know it’s alarmingly close to a Stephen King novel title, but it stuck in my head and there it is. It may even sound ten times as pompous as the previous title, but if that’s case then perhaps pomposity is just where I’m at. I’ve kept my name in the tag line, and what I do (dark fiction).

The new header photo is an instagrammed shot I took from the Glenmore forest park in the Cairngorms National Park. As apocalyptic as it looks, the image of arboreal destruction is actually a careful programme of tree clearing designed to help regenerate the native pinewoods. But, stick a black and white filter on and it looks cool.

Perhaps I may even write some stuff here. You never know.