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2013-11-22 12.54.58-1As winters go, it has been relatively mild yet stormy. Work has dominated my personal landscape for the last four weeks or so and now comes the usual illness-heavy week between Christmas and New Year. It’s at this time of year I always long the most for the sun and wide open spaces away from the city. Particularly due to the near-perpetual darkness and the long Winter yet to come. As Billy Connolly once said…

There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter.

Inspiration has dried up somewhat in the latter half of this year. Difficult to put a finger on why, but I’ve written very little, prose or otherwise. So I intend to try two things to change that. The last story I wrote is still in first draft stage (“The Door Behind The Door” – a ghost story set in the Scottish Highlands) and I was quite pleased with I wrote. There are at least two significant places I’d like to send it imminently, so I will put my mind to a redraft and see if that helps to rekindle the creative spark.

Second thing I need to do is buy a new desk and re-boot my writing space. I haven’t been comfortable there for a long time, and unfortunately our little flat yields very few options for alternatives. There’s nothing like a spring clean, even if it isn’t quite spring yet, but in a Scottish winter, spring needs to be a state of mind.