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It’s remarkable, despite my brain desperately not wanting me to write, my writing of old keeps following me around. Even though a small part of me does want to write, and actively craves it. Never the twain shall meet.

The inner critic is fierce. Strict. Relentless.

Yet, in a perfect example of why you should never give up on submissions: two submissions, out for so long I’d forgotten about them are now published.

First was in June last year, after twenty throws of the dice, Far From Regis Station was finally published on the website Read Short Fiction. A 4000 word story I wrote almost seven years ago. Paranoid SF horror with a side of mineralogy.

Second was last month, a reprint of a story I’m still proud of. Unpicking the Stitches was first published in ChiZine in 2011 when they had an online short fiction zine, but they soon shut it down in a familiar story of my adventures in online short fiction. You can listen to the story at Tales to Terrify, a horror podcast. My story starts around 21 minutes in.

Maybe one day I’ll collect some short fiction in a format. Maybe I’ll try to write a novel. Perhaps I might even randomly spew some thoughts onto this blog and try not to care what anyone thinks about it.

If the stars align correctly and certain events take place in the near future that I really don’t want to jinx by talking about in any detail, I may have a new writing space and truckloads of inspiration. Watch this space. Or don’t. Whatever…