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Tree in the heatherThe change of seasons always seems to have a profound effect on my mind and mood. Up in spring and down in autumn. Seasonal changes also seem to lead me toward making blog posts. It’s the marking of time; the awareness that change is occurring and suddenly it’s dark at 8.30 and the nights are colder and you know it’s unlikely to be T-shirt weather again for at least seven months. Hard to comprehend that gap of time – the roaring darkness of winter.

We chose to grasp that final burst of summer weather and escaped to the Cairngorm national park for a week, camping in the forest. Drinking in the soothing green.

2013-09-03 14.46.46And the calming blues…

2013-09-03 15.33.37 (2)I didn’t manage to achieve any writing, but plenty of reading was accomplished. I find when confronted by nature that I have to soak it all in – the moss, the mountains, the pine trees, flocks of inquisitive chaffinches, whispering waters, vast lochs, castles, impossible vistas. I hope then it might travel through a process of assimilation and come out the other end as writing. Sort of like a creative process smoothie going through the blender of my imagination. Or something. I don’t know. Shut up.

Perhaps I should have tried eating some of this to help the imagination…

Mushroom!Or this…

2013-09-06 12.45.34 (2)Or this beauty… The fly agaric mushroom seemed to be bursting out of every hummock and mossy hollow in the forest.

2013-09-06 12.46.34No scale on that last shot, but it was about the diameter of a standard dinner plate. Perfect for sitting on whilst smoking a hookah and taking in the incredible scenery. Click on this next one to see the full panoramic shot.

2013-09-06 14.57.06