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MoonIt’s fair to say my levels of motivation and my will to apply myself to the task of writing have been low of late. It often takes a change in circumstances or new point of view to jump-start the engine, and the two weeks holiday that have just drifted past are settling nicely in my brain. Unfortunately, the act of writing has eluded me for longer than I should have allowed it to, so now I have the usual unblocking-the-drain activity to undergo in order to place words in a document.

king of loveAs an additional ingredient to the unblocking process, a couple of reviews of Black Static 34 have appeared online in recent days, both of which have been quite heartening. First is Des Lewis’ personal and unique real-time-review, which I found exceptionally kind in reference to ‘The King of Love my Shepherd is’.  Particularly with respect to the era I set the story – early 1950s England. It’s always encouraging to know that research does pay off, and my own 1970s school experiences translated across to young Jim’s in the story (minus the horror elements, although sometimes…).

And then there is Sam Tomaino’s usual review for SFRevu, which was also kind, even if my name is spelled incorrectly.

Writing is such a closed activity, being locked away in our little rooms creating stories, with most of the work taking place entirely in our own heads. Seeing that those stories are being read and appreciated makes it all worth the effort.