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DSC01637Perhaps it’s just a facet of getting older, but I’ve noticed the cold this Winter far more more keenly than in previous years. Even during the nights of -16 a couple of years ago. This year hasn’t been that extreme as Winters go, but I’ve been in hibernation mode and am craving the sun to be actually warm instead of just bright.

Unlike some Winters of late, I have been writing and submitting, and am currently waiting on imminent news of two promising submissions, but one shouldn’t get one’s hopes up.

549_largeRecent news includes digital release of Black Static#32 on various e-reader platforms including Kindle. You can obtain it here at Smashwords, or here at Amazon.

My story ‘Love as Deep as Bones‘ is in there, of course, and has been reviewed over at Dread Central. A great review for the whole magazine and the reviewer certainly seemed affected by my story, which can only be a good thing. It’s good to see such love for the magazine as it fully deserves it. Despite my obvious connection with it now, I’ve always loved Black Static and been an avid reader for many years now.

So, with Spring just over the horizon I can return to some regular blogging here and work hard on trying to place another story with Black Static and just carry on writing.