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After almost a year and a half (and a declaration of death on Ralan.com Hub Magazine has risen up, not like a zombie (hopefully – not sure how that would work – a digital zombie – would it siphon your brains out through your eyes via your webcam?), but more like a phoenix to proclaim a return to the world of genre fiction.

It was nice to see Issue 144 drop into my inbox a couple of days ago. Way back in 2009, almost exactly three years to the day, Hub published one of my early horror stories, The Insect Garden. They have always published a mixture of fiction and reviews and articles, but some high profile writers have had work published in there and I was delighted at the time to see my work in such a place.

Too many publications fall by the wayside, due to all manner of reasons, most of which are due to money or staff moving on to bigger and better things (which seems to be what happened to Hub). A number of my published stories are now gone from the web after the zines folded and died. So many of them were fledgling, non-profit, non-paying magazines and there’s only so far good intentions, optimism and a love for writing will get you until you realise just how much work is involved in running a magazine.

I hope Hub Magazine can go on to become a new force in genre fiction again. Embracing the new technology can only help. There’s a questionnaire at the end of the current issue (144) polling readers as to what they would like out of the magazine. Worth responding to. I will certainly come up with some answers for them.