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Rain and wind lashing the window. My throat aches with the gritty portent of an oncoming cold, but I’m fighting it, and more importantly, I’m writing again.

December was a destructive month. It’s not as though work was so punishing that I was unable to function. Just easy to fall into bad habits and routines of not writing. With this new resolve I’ve been talking about, I’ve found my way back into the story I was writing about six weeks ago and am adopting a plan suggested by a friend who attended the Clarion writing workshop. Well, not so much a plan, just a simple and achievable word count target per day. 250 words a day. Every day. And okay I’ve only been going for four days so there’s ample opportunity to fall off the wagon, but it works, with some determination.

In a good mood, 250 can be knocked out in a matter of minutes. In a bad, tired, scrape-your-face-off mood it can take longer, and the words are not always the right words, but they’re words. And if I have the inclination, more than 250 can happen, but it’s remarkable how just knocking out those 250 a day brings the story right back into focus and it all becomes regular again. Like a good daily dose of word fibre.

This resolve is contagious.