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Ultimately, posting a word count progress for that novel idea I had was a little too bold. The idea was barely two days old, and it has a great deal of competition.

There are four ideas for novels that I have, all at differing stages of progress; all fighting for attention like the unruly brats that they are, but the one that has truly grabbed me by the face is the oldest one of the lot, and it’s not just the unnatural heatwave melting my brains.

Current working title is ‘The Death and Life of Harrison Brodie‘. I conceived the original idea about twenty-two years ago, right about the time I decided to sit down at my Olivetti typewriter and have a go at writing a novel, with little preparation. First novel I ever tried to write was a dreadful piece of comedy Science Fiction, blagged from a 2000AD ‘Future Shock’ comic story about customs officers working in a spaceport. I thought the concept of a xenophobic customs officer to be quite funny, but my execution of the story in the style of Terry Pratchett meets Douglas Adams was at best ill-advised.

At the time, I also scribbled down several ideas, all of which were for novels at the time. I hadn’t even considered the concept of short stories yet. Out of those ideas I have written one short story, which is currently on its 12th submission and has received encouraging personal rejections from places such as Asimovs and Interzone. And then I also came up with an idea for a novel involving a ghost (of sorts…), the walking dead (well, kind of…) and a butcher’s shop. After all this time it has jumped to the fore and begged to be written. I have my two main characters fully sketched out, and two nights ago I wrote a full plot synopsis in three acts. So that means, beginning, middle, end. That and many pages of notes mean this is now top contender for being written. Heck, I even have the first 200 words.

Lack of a fully fleshed out plot has been the sticking point for the other contenders so far, or characters that haven’t gone from being a name with an idea attached to becoming a real individual that I can visualise and hear and actually imagine having a life beyond the confines of the story.

I will be writing a novel before the end of the year!