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There’s a passage in one of my unpublished short stories (which is currently on submission#12, but I’m still holding out hope for it) about radio static –

Static sounds the way I imagine the universe would sound if you could listen to it. A billion tiny voices all crying out for attention, but each one has dwindled to a whisper. The distant hiss of life across light years, every one craving the recognition of the other. None of them hears. It’s the loneliest sound.

And then earlier this year I wrote an Edinburgh-set horror piece called ‘Listen to the Static’, a 6000 word short story, but it’s a structurally impaired patient in need of serious rearranging. Anyway, all of this leads me to discussing an exciting new project. Borrowing the title of that short story, and some of the themes of that paragraph from my oft-rejected short story I have a new idea for a novel, which is currently usurping The Drover as prime contender for being written.

It’s nice to be excited about a big idea that has huge scope beyond being just a short story. Tonight my main character has a name, as do at least two other characters. And I’m already forming the voice in my head. In fact, I even wrote some actual words tonight to test out the voice and what I intended to be a short sentence or two became 100 words in a heartbeat. Dare I pin down the genre? If I say the words Paranormal Fantasy then my gut churns. I hate pinning the genre-tail on the story-donkey. I could simply call it horror. It has ghosts, and I fully intend to contribute to your nightmares as far as possible. Lets just call it words for the moment, and even make the bold step of starting a regular progress report, including word count and related stuff.


Words today – 100

Words total – 100