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Awaiting the leftovers of Hurricane Katia, not with any great expectations, just a sort of nagging feeling that something should be arriving soon, like a takeaway curry ordered late at night. Managed a walk in the Botanic Gardens but increasingly strong gusts of wind and rain have brought us back inside, which makes for a classic Sunday feeling, and a ripe atmosphere for creation.

The writing mojo does seem to be back – using the three-point plan I mentioned a few days ago. I’ve revised ‘Down the Back of Donald’s Couch’ to a final state and submitted it a couple of days ago. Now on to ‘Closer to Death’, which feels like one of my stronger efforts, and I have high hopes for it. That’s the revision material, but I have also finished ‘Farm Boy, City Girl, What do you Remember?’ – a weird SF story, which is still too confusing for its own good, but its drafted at about 6000 words.

While writing that I was working up another one to start, and I’m already 1800 words into it. This one is the sort of story I’ve wanted to write for a while – using some dream imagery once again in a story inspired by Eastern European literature – Russian in particular. Current title is “Today Mikhail Walks On His Own Two Feet”. Should be a short-ish one, and I’m probably about halfway through, so I need to promote one of my ideas to working status to keep the production line flowing.

No news on the submission front. Apart from the very recent submission, I have four stories out, with the youngest being 66 days old, and the oldest, 369 days. I may hopefully have some publication news at the end of this month, with a thing in the pipeline that’s been there for close to a year, but it’s getting near the allotted date and I still haven’t heard anything.

Since I started writing this post, the wind has dropped, I’ve consumed three jam doughnuts and a cup of tea. Time to proceed with some writing!