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Bearing in mind that my weekend is a Sunday/Monday rather than the traditional one, this has been a momentous weekend for me and others.

I met up with an old friend and as a result found myself on my knees on Princes Street playing speed chess (or ‘blitz’ as it’s more commonly known). It was nice to play some face-to-face chess again (even if I only managed to win one out of about eight games over the weekend), and reminded me of a certain novella I need to revise. Add to this massive life-changing decisions for the two people closest to me in life, and it all makes for an atmosphere of huge potential; the feeling that anything can happen.

Woven through all of this was a full-on weekend of Edinburgh Fringe-going, with Frisky and Mannish and Jon Richardson being most enjoyable, and just the atmosphere of the whole place, reminding me why I live in this great city with history practically seeping out of the walls. Leaving a show in the evening, breathing the still night air with just a whisper of sea breeze, to be almost knocked off your feet by the fighter jet screaming overhead towards the castle to entertain the folk watching the Tattoo. Lying in Princes Street Gardens eating ice-cream. Drifting with the crowds from all over this planet (and possibly others – who knows, I wouldn’t be surprised) through the streets of the old town.

And to top it off with a glistening cherry, I discovered a review of ‘Unpicking the Stitches’ in the British literary zine Neon. And it’s a generous, humbling and inspiring review, reminding me that I can write and must push on and make something of this. Incidentally, I did once submit a story Neon, probably two years ago at least, and received a kind and helpful personal rejection.