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And no, I’m not talking about my gas/electricity bill, but a personal plan for streamlining the ideas/writing/rewriting process. It’s nothing alarmingly new, and is based purely upon advice I’ve already seen repeated a thousand times (it is possible to spend more time reading advice for writers than breathing).

After a few months of staring in quiet desperation at unfinished and unrevised stories, and at a burgeoning ideas file in need of fertilising, I seem to have found a returning passion for the craft – at last. I fished out the 3900 words of uncompleted SF story I started over two months ago and immediately found my way back into it. Three separate ideas all glowed with possibility, and I have just about reached a final draft on “Down the Back of Donald’s Couch‘, my surreal, existential horror tale about the sanctity of living room furniture and losing yourself.

So the plan is to have a three-pronged attack on the go (all until I can finally complete and prepare the research and plotting for the Drover novel).

  1. Work up an idea into a writeable story.
  2. Write another story.
  3. Revise an already written story.

Simple and well-tried, but it keeps me busy and focused, and never without work. The emptiness that follows completion of a draft is often a difficult void to fill, but we’ll see if my plan can work.

And at the same time I’m enjoying the wonders of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and today will hopefully play a little street chess (and likely lose in a most humiliating manner, but it’ll be fun.)