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Not that I haven’t been in reality these last couple of weeks, but it has felt like a trip to some fantasy land – camping in the North-West of Scotland. Picture above is of the end of Loch Maree with what I believe is Beinn Airigh Charr  (the large dark mountain to the left of the loch).

Back to reality, but what I really need to be doing is getting back to fantasy and writing stories. It’s difficult to attribute any major inspirations from the recent trip but it’s all brewing in there waiting to burst forth like some coronal mass ejection onto the page. Certainly I have a great deal of visceral experience for the Highlands-set novel – the damp, the midges, the bizarre, jutting mountains – each one different to its neighbour, but I’ve no doubt a couple of additional trips will be necessary to secure certain details.

Focus for the moment is submitting some short stories. Three sitting within very close range of final drafts. I shall blog some more about the trip at some point, and post some images.