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After an incredibly long time (A year and a half almost to the day…), Volume 15 of Dark Tales is out. It doesn’t contain any of my stories this time, but does have four by friends of mine – Georgina Bruce, Iain Paton, Paul Johnson-Jovanovic and Richard Smith, and again the gorgeous artwork is by Candra Hope.

Dark Tales gave me a huge boost by publishing two of my stories in the past, and in my opinion would be one of the great independent UK SF/F/Horror print zines if it could stick to a regular publishing schedule. Understandably, though, it is all the work of one man, Sean Jeffery, and as I know well, there is only so much you can accomplish on your own with the pressures of normal life to take care of at the same time.

I’ve often thought about trying to get involved with a zine, online or print, in a slush-reading capacity to begin with perhaps, but I already know that I struggle enough to focus my time and energy on simply writing every day, so that sort of extra-curricular activity (no matter how educational) has to wait.

Anyway, go, support the small press and buy a copy of Dark Tales Volume 15!