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Settling on this current theme for the moment, if only because I may end up fiddling with it eternally and realise it has many shortcomings, like not being able to delete the Blog title and just use the header as the title, and the weird choice of black for the widget footer area. Although, I love the way the blog posts look with the accent colour and the stylish date format, and the size of the new custom header allows a large, striking image. I still need to find something for the rest of the white space on the home page, (covers of published novels would be nice…) but it will suffice for now.

Otherwise, it’s a lazy Sunday –  low cloud, bacon sandwiches, cups of tea, snoring cat, research for the big holiday trip in August, cleaning the car. But the rest of the day must be about restarting the writing. If only it was as easy as pressing play on the paused movie, and it all just flickers back into motion as though nothing had interrupted it, but after nearly two weeks without writing it becomes very difficult to get going again. I fully understand the maxim of ‘write every day, no matter what, just write something every day’ – it really is the best single piece of advice for any writer, although not always so easy to put into practice when there is also a life to be lived. But that is no excuse. So today, I will write something. (Other than this… ).