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This appears to be the last place I’m mentioning this, where it should really be the first, but I wanted to use it as a platform for thanking folk as well and I wasn’t at home when I posted on Facebook earlier in the day, so couldn’t remember every name.

The news is that ‘Unpicking the Stitches’ will feature in the July 2011 issue of Chiaroscuro, or as it’s more commonly known, ChiZine. Quite a fast turnaround from writing that story, redrafting it and then having it accepted. If only they all sold like that.

This marks my first full professional sale (by SFWA standards at least), and ChiZine is an awesome online zine backed up by an independent book publishing arm. They publish the kind of dark, weird, horror-ish stuff that I like and it’s the perfect home for this story.

I must then thank some people for their input on this story – Erin Stocks and Neil Williamson gave me some hugely detailed and insightful critique in particular, and also Henry Szabranski, Gio Clairval, Steve Chapman, Jack Westlake, Boz Flamagin, Michael Keyton, Crash Froelich, Camille Picott and Kyle Aisteach all contributed comments and critique and it wouldn’t be the same story without them. And last but not least, my partner, Alexis who championed this story from the start.