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Finished a short story – “Closer to Death” at 5400 words. Something quite personal in many ways, but at the same time nothing at all to do with my own experience. Once again it moves away from ‘genre’, although it has elements of magic realism and horror.

Undertaking research now for the novel, which is forming rapidly on the page and in my head (and is going to be something closer to genre than the short stories I’ve been writing of late). The characters still need names, although I’m juggling a couple at the moment, but the plot has some bones to it now, and the research is helping me visualise the milieu and giving me loads of ideas for scenes.

Once I begin actually writing in earnest, I promise I will keep an updated journal of my efforts on here. Other prospective novelists seem to appreciate that, and reading about their efforts has inspired me. I don’t expect to begin writing properly until after August, and that relies on how much research reading I can get done between now and then, and on how well I can collate that research into a usable form.

Moving back to the short story revisions now – with one on the verge of a final draft, and another, and then… and then…