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Another brief test post (see last post, and the one before) , partially, but also a moment to remind myself to celebrate my friend’s writing achievements on here more often – so firstly:

Georgina Bruce, who has a story in the new issue (13) of Shimmer magazine. A story I was lucky enough to see an early incarnation of and it’s a wonderful piece.

Gio Clairval, of my writing group, together with Daniel Pasetti, has a story on the new anthology from Gus Ginsburg, ‘Bride of the Golem’, and again I’m lucky enough to have seen several incarnations of this story, and it’s a funny and fiercely intelligent piece.

And Erin Stocks, another writing group compatriot, whose story, Lisse, is in the Anywhere But Earth anthology from Couer de Lion publishing. Another story I also saw, and it’s both moving and creepy.

Congratulations to all!