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Oh yeah, that’s right, I have a blog. Poorly neglected of late, and why you may ask?

I’ve always wanted to use it mainly for writing about writing, and to report my own successes and failures and works-in-progress, etc… And sometimes allow myself to improvise on random subjects, but my creative brain has been in some sort of extended hibernation. Spring is working its wonders, though. I have been writing a new short story, current title – ‘Closer to Death‘ – which is perhaps somewhat morbid, but is following my more recent foray into more magical realist/surreal pieces of work. I’m taking my time with it, trying to make it something as special as it can be.

Currently I have six submissions out, all short stories, two as reprints with podcast sites, and four with a variety of pro zines.

The main thing on my mind, though, is writing a novel, and I have begun researching the background for one I really want to write. It will be a form of historical fantasy, and I’m sure most folk who know me and my writing will say, “Historical Fantasy?” with an audible question mark. All I can say is that it’s not what you’re thinking. It concerns a hugely important piece of Scotland’s history that I’ve not personally seen covered in much fiction, although Rob Roy is a famous exponent of the career I’m featuring in the story. And the structure and idea has more in common with Arthur Penn’s outstanding 1970 film ‘Little Big Man‘ than anything else, although a little less picaresque in execution (I hope).

It’s an idea I’ve had in my head since last year, but has taken form of late after adventures around the Scottish countryside, inspired by the folklore surrounding so many bits of it, and the rich social history stretching back to prehistoric times with the mysterious cup and ring markings everywhere. Lots of disparate elements that I hope to bring together into something that I can actually submit and sell. Must work hard!