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Although I’ve always been writing to some extent throughout my life, with more heavily cultivated patches at different points in time, I do mark out March of 2008 as the zero hour of my current writing career. And I’m happy to call it a career, as all careers have to start somewhere.

I began three years ago writing stories with the intention of submitting them to places and hopefully getting published. I was fairly naive about it all back then and the first few acceptances were in smaller, less-respected or well-known fiction markets. Nevertheless, they gave me the confidence to continue, and paid me some money for my efforts.

Now I’m on the quest for a so-called ‘pro’ publication and that is partly the reason for my dry period of acceptances. I knew it would happen – I still have so much to learn about writing, and so much to write. Although there is still that acceptance that I can’t speak of publicly… No idea what’s happening with that despite six months since the email. And there are a few stories in the wild that I have big hopes for.

I’m pleased, therefore, that on the 3rd anniversary of the start of my quest the momentum has returned in a big way. Just completed a 6800 word story – ‘Listen to the Static‘ in little over a week. And I have already written the first paragraph of another new one, no title as yet, but the idea is a solid one and should be fun to write – set in a lonely glen in the north-west of Scotland, involving two squabbling crofters and the supernatural forces that drive them to band together.

And then there are all the revisions to complete. Nearly done with the story that was ‘A Rude and Undeveloped Mass’, although I’ve yet to be inspired into a new title. Submit that and that’ll be five in the wild. So much to do and so little time. And then there’s the novel about the dead man who isn’t dead, and the novel about the Scottish Drovers, and ‘The Circles’ (my big, weird project that one day will make some sense to me).