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Is it Spring yet? Can I come out of hibernation? There’s the sun in the sky and green shoots poking through the soil everywhere, but I’m all too aware of being led into a false sense of seasonal security. I’ve been here before, marvelling at the temperatures into double figures and the amorous activity of the garden birds, and then found myself driving down a motorway in a blizzard wondering what the hell happened.

The weather might be trying to trick me, but Winter still has its bleak grip on me with a hideous cold/chest infection/virus assaulting me for the last 8 days. Thoroughly bored with it now; with the seal-bark of a cough and the clothes pegs on my sinuses.

But, despite the doom and gloom, my creativity is behaving like Spring. I’ve been focusing on revisions, and have submitted two new stories this year so far and am working on another, which as been a beast. Once titled ‘A Rude and Undeveloped Mass’, I hadn’t touched since I wrote the first draft a year ago (which is shocking behaviour) – it was an Editor’s choice on OWW and received a huge amount of critiques. Wading through them all has been tough, deciding which ones to listen to and which ones to discard, but I have reached a point where I should be able to write a competent and almost final draft. I hope.

Except that a distraction has nosed its way in like a waking mole sniffing the Spring air, and out of almost nothing (well, just a half-idea procured from dream imagery) I have 820 words of a new short story, which has been writing itself. One of those rare creatures that bounds from the traps and keeps running. Tentative title is ‘Listen to the Static’ and it’s about missing persons, latent inhibition and whispering ghouls.