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I need to learn to blow my own trumpet more often – in fact I once wanted to learn the trumpet, aged 12, but that’s a whole other story of disappointment and the cruelty of the education system.

This post is inspired by Claire Humphrey‘s recent blog post and her saying “Sometimes it surprises me when I get a reminder that people are actually reading me.” She very kindly mentioned ‘Saint Stephen Street‘ again in reference to Rich Horton’s annual summaries of Speculative Fiction zines and anthologies.

Twelve days ago he did his summary of Ideomancer and mentioned ‘Saint Stephen Street‘ as one of his favourites of the year. As Claire said – “There you have it: proof positive that I exist! I am not just whispering into a soup can attached to a long string stretching away down a very dark alley!

I couldn’t agree more! I used to hear the vague oxymoron ‘A monkey squawking in the dark’ in reference to your voice being invisible to the wider population – (I can’t remember if I came up with that phrase or it belongs to someone else, but whatever, monkeys don’t really squawk…)

What more does a writer want as validation that people are reading what they write, and not just a tiny handful of friends and family, but an audience who reads and then actually returns with an opinion? That little story of mine seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people, and it makes me so happy to come across such things.