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A writing update, to check in and remind my poor neglected blog that I still love it, after it whimpering in the corner for the last few weeks for food.

October saw a new Edinburgh Street Story written – ‘Arboretum Avenue‘ – at about 7000 words, and I’m happy enough with it for a first draft. I’ve fallen behind a bit with the task of revising and submitting short stories. Revision is a painful, difficult and at times, dull job, but it is the most important part of writing, otherwise everything would just sit in a half-made state – a folder of perpetual first drafts.

In terms of submissions, I have two out currently, both at about the 50 day mark – one potentially quite exciting, the other likely to be a good while longer yet. I have possible news of a sale, but can’t confirm or deny anything until various bits are in place…

Current work in progress is another short story – tentative title – ‘Unpicking the Stitches’ – hopefully to be about 3K. And then more revision…

Recent reads have been ‘The Year of the Flood‘ by Margaret Atwood, which I enjoyed immensely, and magazines Black Static 18 and 19, both superb as always.