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Facts and figures.

9 days holiday equals writing stagnation. 2 days back at work divided by motivation to the power of inspiration equals 150 new words plus a page of notes to finish this damn thing.

The novella stands at 23,945 words. Not a whelk’s chance in a supernova I’ll finish it under 25,000 words. Halfway through chapter 17 at the moment, so it could finish with a nice round 20 chapters. I had hoped it could be brought to a close before I went away, but one’s expectations are generally thwarted by ones propensity for procrastination. Distraction equals the internet multiplied by time. When using a real chess game for the novella, researching different lines to take the game down at the crunch point equals lost hours spent battling my Fritz chess program to see if I could win it from that position. Pointless. A renewed interest in playing chess equals more hours spent getting thrashed in 3 minute games by German kids on the live chess server, Playchess.

What does all this add up to now? A foothold on the final stretch to climb to the top of this beast and plant my flag. It calculates out as an equation for writing discipline, which is fine in theory, but application is another thing altogether with the random factors of TV, caffeine withdrawal and the fine art of daydreaming. The best discipline I can muster is to plant myself in front of the PC at some point every evening, open up that writing file and start bashing keys.