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There goes another month sucked down the plughole of time. And here I am trying to avoid the whirlpool and the jammed hairs and stay on my feet.

Thought I’d better get a monthly update in before the month is gone. Two weeks holiday on the tranquil shores of Loch Fyne have eaten up the majority of the month and, oh, how I wish I was still there (with a decent internet connection rather than the dreadful on/off nonsense I managed to tap into while there).

I did accomplish some writing while there, albeit a small amount, but it seems to have been enough to propel my motivation as I’m now close to 9000 words into my chess-themed novella, ‘The Lempkin Variation’. And I’m feeling the buzz of writing again which is a novelty after the slog of revising that I’ve been doing prior to this.

The revising paid off to an extent, although I didn’t get quite as much done as I’d wanted, but it resulted in a few submissions. Most of which are still away. One rejection already, and I have a story away for close to nine months at one place. It’s a place I really like, so I want to keep it there as long as I can stand. I queried once in February and received no response, then once more last week, but still nothing. Beginning to lose my patience with it.

And there endeth the update – light on content, but it’s a way back in, and I shall blog some more, in fact I feel a rant coming on…