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Out now is the March 2010 edition of the Scottish literary journal, The Ranfurly Review, and my story ‘Woe is Me’ is in there amongst a collection of other short stories and poetry. It is not a genre-specific journal, in fact most of the pieces are literary fiction, although mine has a literary bent, it is still about a Jewish greengrocer and an alien apocalypse (with huge apologies to Bernard Malamud and his brilliant novel ‘The Assistant’). You can read the PDF here – The Ranfurly Review – issue 10

It is now March and, dare I say it, Spring is in the air. By all accounts it has been the worst winter in Scotland for over 30 years. Now the sun is shining today, crocuses are blooming and the birds are flitting about, and I can’t help feel that we’re almost out of it and longer days are ahead.

I’m very much in short story mode at the moment – although a new opening for the novel is coalescing slowly but surely in my mind. I’m currently just over 4000 words into my musically themed piece – current title ‘The Mathematics of Emotion’ – and I expect it to be about another 1000 words, maybe slightly longer, but 6000 is the limit. Once that’s finished I need to embark on a revision project for the various completed stories I have and then send them out, otherwise I’m going to end up with a large hole in my short story catalogue.