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Can’t believe it’s 0.038 of the way through the year and I still haven’t blogged.

New year is generally the time to make grand proclamations about all the wonderful, creative, poignant, fulfilling and important things we are going to accomplish over the next year. Never wise, in my opinion, and the best I can say is that I will write. I will drive the new car. Anything else is a bonus (or a challenge).

This is a writing blog after all, so time to blog about some writing – of which I am finally returning to after a lengthy excursion from myself. December did its annual job of tiring me out to the point were I was almost burrowing around on instincts alone – food; sleep; work; food; sleep; TV.

January always feels like a fresh month to me. Everything has a rain-washed sheen to it now after all the snow has melted. Started a new short story, of which I am about 600 words  into. Set in Edinburgh, but not going to be part of the Edinburgh Street Stories cycle (must come up with a decent name for that), it just happens to be set in Edinburgh. All I’ll say is that it is apocalyptic and about public manners/common courtesy.

I have just about completed what I hope to be the final rewrite of St Stephen Street for the market it is still under submission to.  And the novel is under re-examination concerning the opening chapters. I will return to it shortly, but I have to get those parts correct – the rest will follow, and I am still pretty happy with the content of the first draft after the opening, so I am confident it will come together.