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Feeling the cold this year. Despite my thickened, blue Scottish skin, for some reason it is burrowing its way inside and setting up residence.

Writing… what’s that again? I haven’t written a word for several days, in fact I would go so far as to say, weeks. Reasons: buying a car and the resultant stress involved with that – I have spent entire evenings reading Renault Clio forums; this week Morris Slater, my 98 year old grandfather finally went to the great tailor in the sky and that has occupied this week, what with the speed of Jewish funerals and the knackering travel to Glasgow and back; and then of course, it’s nearly Christmas again and that means lots of hard work for me at the day job. Oh woe is me.

But, now the car is all sorted and ready to enjoy, and my evenings appear to be opening up again, I shall battle through the fatigue and the Arctic cold to scribble some words and begin again.