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Battered out a couple of pages of notes and even wrote a few words in the old manuscript itself. It was like getting to know an old friend once more – a bit older, dog-eared and covered in cat hair – but a welcome sight nonetheless.

Yes, the novel is on the boil again. Currently revising some of my research into nanotechnology and Genetic Use Restriction Technology again – mostly to reacquaint myself with the ideas and to iron out some of the more vague aspects of the science.

Let’s face it, I’m not a scientist, and the novel is about the characters, but the situation needs to be believable enough. It is science fiction, though – that I have to remember. It just needs that aura of plausibility to it – that grounding in reality from which to take it to flights of fancy.

As ever, the ETC group website is a great source of info on the subjects I’m addressing. Check it out here – ETC group – and try not to have nightmares or feel too insignificant and helpless in the face of potential global catastrophe.

I shall do my best to keep an updated progress report going on here. Mostly for my own benefit to be able to look back and see a journal over time. Of course, anyone who reads this drivel is welcome to comment/help/suggest as necessary…