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October gales blowing drafts under the doors and down the chimney. I’m sitting at my PC trying to find a way back into writing after a couple of weeks of non-activity.

Reasons for non-activity – mainly down to an exam I had to sit and study for and a week’s worth of the cold. Blocked ears, mucus and fever don’t add up to much creativity.

Now, with a week off work opening up in front of me, I have the perfect opportunity to rev up and get going on the novel. First, there are several reviews to attend to on the workshop – must keep up with my fellow writers and their work. Then, I have a story to re-submit (‘Whisper’ after rejection#5) – one to do a small further rewrite on (St Stephen Street) – and then I can get down to it.

Procrastination always comes along more readily when a period of inactivity crops up. Easy to find excuses and piss away an evening in front of the TV or arseing about on websites. But, as far as I am concerned, I will start the novel redraft before the end of the holiday, which is Nov 2nd – The Mexican Dia de los Muertos – and the day of my practical driving test.