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Not quite there yet, but the ’embers’ are almost upon us. All the signs are there – wind and rain; shorter days; the hint of a cold at the back of my throat.

Making progress on my other main project of the year other than the novel – The Streets of Edinburgh. Which is a working title for the collection. He says, speaking of potential short story collections before even a single one of them is published. Saying that, I have some serious interest in Saint Stephen Street from a good zine, but they are only interested in seeing a shorter version now. So I am undertaking the painful process of chopping it up like so much fatty meat into a tender, lean steak that I pray they will find tasty enough to put on the menu (end of metaphor… deep breath).

I have written a completed first draft of Castle Street – my first foray into a form of contempary fantasy (although one reviewer quite astutely pointed out that it is an allegory for addiction). I am about halfway through Great Junction Street – which will lean more towards horror and explore the seedier, unpleasant side to the city.

Once I finish that, I can no longer delay the novel redraft. It’s been too long already so I need to launch into it. Once I start I’ll update the progress on here in a more regularly posted work-journal sort of thing. For my own benefit as much as anyone who might be interested in such things.