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To blog or not to blog.

Thought I should at least post an update to keep this blog on the radar. It is deep summer and Edinburgh is remarkably hot. Everything seems to have slowed down. I recently completed a 9,369 word story. My longest short story so far, and it is in a raw state, but I’m happy with it. Receiving mixed reviews on the workshop for it currently, but that’s fair enough. Differing perspectives are helpful. Mostly it’s been well-received, though, and you want to at least hear a little bit of that. The aim is for the thing to be enjoyed after all, but good, useful critique is invaluable.

No news on submissions for a while, although I have a couple of query dates approaching with some long-standing submissions. Only 4 away at the moment, but they are all at good markets. 3 of the 4 are pro publications, and the other is a pro publication as far as I am concerned, even if they don’t have pro rates. Would be dancing on the moon if I get any of these accepted.

Next… a multitude of ideas and, of course, the novel (which read well – phew!) which needs a thorough think and a second draft. Got and idea for some flash fiction – something in a surreal horror vein, and then there is the linked Edinburgh street stories, for which I have five fully-formed ideas in existence.