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Apocalyptic rain over the last two days has brought with it a shower of ideas, which I am pleased about as the only other short story I’ve been mulling over involves a fair bit of research. It’s going to be set in late 19th century Paris and I need to read a few things to be able to add some convincing colour. It’s the sort of research that brings proceedings to a halt. And then the rains came – out of a smoky purple-grey thunder cloud and drenched the streets. There’s that wonderful smell:  fertile earth, clean, wet foliage, fecundity, and perhaps a bit of pretension if I let myself go on too long here…

I’ve begun the first readthrough of the novel, making notes as I go. But, I’ve also had a bit of a thunderous flash of inspiration about a series of linked short stories, all set in Edinburgh and named after streets in this fair city. Following on from the atmosphere of ‘Saint Stephen Street’ that I wrote a couple of months ago and received some wonderful responses to on the Online Writing Workshop that I use. As soon as I had the idea to do that, dozens of individual short story ideas came flooding down from above. It will take my writing in a certain direction. Although there will still be some elements of horror in some of the stories, I will undoubtedly move away from the more obvious horror of my earlier efforts, but I’ve been on that road for a while now anyway.

I’m very glad that the ideas are still so profuse. It bodes well for further soakings.