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Neonbeam issue#9 is out today with my story ‘Purify’ in there. You can read it in PDF here – Neonbeam#9. Or, you can buy a shiny printed copy from Lulu here – Neonbeam#9@Lulu.

The sad news is that Neonbeam editor, Sammi Leng, has decided to call it a day and issue#9 will be the last, although not ruling out the possibility of publishing issues in the future, but for the foreseeable future there will be no more.

I do notice that so many small press zines, online or otherwise seem to fold within a short space of time. It’s not all that surprising, considering the amount of them out there – just do a search for Scif-fi zines on Duotrope and see how many come up. Mr Jack Westlake, a writer friend of mine (to name drop casually) who is currently enjoying some critical success with his story ‘Out Of Time’ in Murky Depths#8, was commenting recently that most new zines are lucky to get past issue 10. If they do then they can think themselves lucky.

In the case of Neonbeam it was down to the fact that the whole shebang was run by one person, and they simply wanted a break. I couldn’t possibly imagine running a publication all by myself; and writing; and working; and living a normal life with three square meals a day and eight hours sleep at night. So, I drink a toast to all the red-eyed midnight warriors who devote their time to producing such publications. Cheers.