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I’m delaying the inevitable. Not because I can’t be bothered, or I don’t want to, but attempting the second draft of the novel is an enormous task, and I’m frothing over with short story ideas at the moment. But I’ve put it off for long enough – some might say too long.

Since March last year, I’ve completed 16 short stories (+1 piece of micro fiction) and the 60,000 words of the novel. 7 of those shorts have been published; 5 are currently in submission to various markets; 2 have been indefinitely retired (the first two I wrote); 2 are only at the first draft stage and under review at the Online Writing Workshop.

Time to focus on the novel. The second draft should be the most important one. I intend to add in a fair bit, and most likely change a fair bit. I would love to have a finished, polished manuscript by the end of the year at the latest.