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In other words, a third of the year gone, and here’s an update on writing progress so far this year.

Still just the two new publication credits from the start of the year, although was nice to see my story on The Harrow, and Dark Tales 13 out finally. Hit a bit of wall recently on one story which I have drawn a veil over for the moment after various attempts and rewrites.  Trying something else at the moment until I have the strength to attempt an ending. Will start the second draft on the book imminently (no really, I will do it, I’m not procrastinating at all), but it is a huge undertaking and I’m slightly concerned at the commitment of time it will take.

Submissions: rolling along with the usual frequency. Four out there at the moment and two stories under review at the Online Writing Workshop that I will revise and send out again very soon. Should hear from at least one of those submissions in the next week, and one other by the end of May hopefully. The other two might be away until July before I hear anything. One I have high hopes for, but not so high that their sudden plunge to the ground will kill me.

Speaking of the Online Writing Workshop, I have been trying to take an active role there, reviewing as much as possible to make good critting contacts. It is proving to be a valuable involvement and the range of reviews is extremely helpful.