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So it’s halfway through March already and I’m starting to get that breathless panic that comes when you see the year rushing past your ears and don’t feel like you’re achieving enough. That said, I have to be happy with what I’ve done so far: 2 story acceptances; completed first draft of a novel; just completed first draft of a new short story. There is only so much you can do at weekends and between the hours of 9 and 11pm without your eyes bursting.

I’m fairly pleased with the new short. This one will go to Catastrophia if I can get it moulded into shape in time. I’ve been using the Online Writing Workshop to get some good independent critique and it appears to be a rather useful place to be. The latest short recieved some good reviews, better than I would have imagined and along with it some excellent advice for improving it. I am slowly learning the advantages of making connections with the right people and getting the opportunity to practice the art of critique. It can only help me improve, I’m sure.