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Haven’t blogged for a while due to deep immersion in the novel I am writing. So very close to the end now – I am thinking beyond the finish line to the first short story I will write after it and the edits I’ll need to do in a 2nd draft (already made several notes for inclusion).

The amount of effort and thought that’s gone into it is certainly resulting in fatigue. During the week I am only able to write between the hours of 9 and midnight; at the weekend there is more scope, but I have to remember to relax at some point.

All this for a book that will barely top 60,000 words – shorter than the level (70,000) that most publishers seem to be happiest with, but I have no doubt it will grow further after a 2nd draft. There are various bits I need to add for characterisation, scene-setting etc… The details need to be applied with a fine brush.

I have tried three times in the past to write a novel and written myself into a wall. Those attempts are filed away (earliest ones created with a typewriter!) and I will be bouncing around the room when this one is finished.