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How can it be February already? Blink. Oh, I’m sorry, did you miss it? That was January.

Anyone over the age of 30 that I speak to these days describes the same phenomenon of time speeding up as they get older. It is all down to perception of course, perhaps to do with the daily routines that barely register in the brain as passages of time. They are folded away neatly into slots, shrunk down to collections of ‘walking to work’; ‘eating breakfast’; ‘shopping at Sainsburys’ etc…

The primary calibration for time measurement I am using at the moment is word count per day. I am finally calling the current writing project a novel. I realised that the only way to do the story justice and end it properly without rushing was to write it as five chapters with a brief epilogue instead of the original three that I had planned. So, word count as of today is 39,161, with approximately 15-20,000 left. Daily count fluctuates wildy with work pressures during the week and leisurely desires/housework at the weekend. Probably averaging out at about 500 a day, which is okay.

As for short stories, I am itching feverishly to get on with some ideas that are filling too much of my thinking time, before they boil over and evaporate. Still five pieces out in the ether being considered and a couple of publications imminent with Dark Tales Volume 13 and The Harrow, March 2009 both due soon.