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The realisation comes that I still have such a long way to go. My story ‘Purify‘, that I wrote last summer has had six rejections now. Fresh one arrived today from Aoife’s Kiss Magazine. It might be easier, strangely enough, if they were just form rejections, but they all keep telling me it’s a good story, just not right for them. I think the hardest part is trying to find an appropriate market to fit the story. Writing it is the easy part!

Which brings me to my second topic, inspiration – keeping in mind the idea of trying to match stories to markets. I am never short of inspiration when reading through the fiction market databases. I desperately want to submit a story to the Catastrophia anthology (edited by Allen Ashley, by PS Publishing) and have a nice idea that is taking form rapidly. I already had an idea for it, but it ballooned out of all proportion and I had to turn it into a novella to contain the whole idea. I’m pleased with it so far, but it’s taking me a while. Ah well, a surfeit of inspiration is not something to be unhappy about.

Perhaps I should get on with the writing and stop blathering in this blog!