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What a fun year it’s been. The world economy has popped like the helium balloon it was, leaving people running around screaming in impossibly high-pitched voices. It appears to be affecting everything. Every single person I know is in mortal fear for their jobs with the Sword of Damocles hanging heavy in the air above them. Myself included, as the sector of the jewellery industry that I occupy is reliant on Edinburgh financial fatcats having money to spend on diamonds for their latte-sipping wives. 

Unfortunately it is also affecting those needy organisations that provide the sort of service that keeps the likes of me happy – such as the speculative fiction small press; most of which relies on donations from philanthropic individuals and provides free online magazines for all to read.

The Apex Book Company who put out Apex Digest and all manner of excellent publications – including novels and collections – are requesting a quick influx of cash to keep them going. Read about it here – APEX